Who we are and the 100 Art Kit Mission

Thinking Agenda takes Art to the Hearts

Debra Van Neste

Thinking Agenda is our family owned company legally registered in Orlando, Florida. When we are asked to explain what an anti-cult organization is and what we do, I explain it this way: What we try to accomplish is to promote education on cults and undue influence. Through various social media platforms. We only work with credentialed professionals and educators. We own several subsidiaries, some that branch off to a publication on cults and undue influence, and some are projects of self-expression through art.  

One subsidiary is “Art is Heart,” which went viral gaining over 40,000 follows in 2 months on a Facebook page alone.  

Now Art is Heart is on a mission. Which is to collect donated art supplies to launch “100 Art Kit Mission.” The goal is to create and donate minimum 100 or more art kits, to give to children’s hospitals, teachers and cult survivors. Each art kit will contain, art paper, brushes, paints and pencils. Most art kits will also contain a uniquely donated item.  Part of our own profits from sales from boutiques and jewelry line at Pendant Pinache (a shared subsidiary) will go towards this mission. Other artists have contributed by offering a limited-edition line of jewelry to raise sales for Art is Heart.  

Alexandria Van Neste

“Everyone should be able to give expression to their inner artist and create. Unfortunately, some people may not be able to afford often pricey supplies and we would like to give people an opportunity to express themselves”

Alexandria Van Neste with Art is Heart.

The struggle to make this a reality is challenging, as contributions are based on art supplies and not on direct fund raising.

Through the hearts and generosity of individuals we hope to encourage the donation of supplies, through gift cards to art stores, Amazon or dollar stores, directly sent merchandise or collection drives. We seek to encourage a direct heartfelt connection that someone will be opening up an art kit and appreciating your generosity. We want people directly connected to this project and have absolute transparency.

Art is Heart hopes to engage and get sponsored with art communities and non-profits and seeks support from any venues that can assist in making this dream a reality.  

“ The value of the artist’s being is not just how he perceives beyond ordinary appearance, but also that he can make others see things differently and even allow others to find comfort and healing. Art brings together not necessarily because it gives something pretty, but rather because it offers sensibility. Art cleaves through the wilderness, allowing one to find deeper perspective or emotion. This also is where the value of art as therapy comes from, for the being of the artist certainly is not restricted to those who “are” artists. The value of the artist is that he allows one to move outside the rut and complacency of society, to find a larger world as well as a renewed sense of self. ”

Steven Van Neste-Art Director

Author Debra Van Neste, is an educator and the Founder of Thinking Agenda, LLC. She writes about cults, and is the assistant to Dr. Cathleen Mann, a top cult expert. She is a website designer, SEO specialist, and Editor of “Ethics and The Modern Guru Magazine.” Write her at admin@thinking-agenda.com

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