Gratitude Wall of Supporters For The 100 Art Kit Mission.

Thank you! We keep growing.

Education and administration:

Dr. Cathleen Mann

Direct contributions and donated works of art:

Steven van Neste

Susan and Brett Brown

Naomi Willow Graybill

Jonathan Sojo


Alexandria Van Neste

Artists donating proceeds:

April Kitchen

Andrea Mccallum

Susan Brown

Diana Postrekhina

Alexandria Van Neste

Media and shares:

Laura Kohl

Janaki Van Den Brink

Heather Svoboda

Susan Brown

Trish Miner Taylor

Steven Horne

Damien Marie Athope

Sharon Tyson

Hollie Positives Richard

Lori Daring

Cat Kalyniuk

Juicy Jem

Meriam Maharmeh

Shelley Reid

Kyra CoatesApril Kitchen
and Davinder Singh
and Pat Kendrick

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