Local Orlando Artist Donates to Help The 100 Art Kit Mission.

Steven Van Neste Donates his Painting in bright hopes the Mission will Succeed

Steven van Neste with VanNesteArt.Com announced a donation of a 30×40 oil painting “Psyche.”

All proceeds and sales going to “Art is Heart” an Orlando based group who are trying to raise money to give away 100 art kits, to kids, hospitals, teachers and ex cult members.

Art is Heart is a growing collective of artists wanting to share art with those that cannot afford art kits. The goal is to raise enough to give away 100 art kits. Art is Heart is a subsidiary of “Thinking Agenda” which is an anti cult organization.

Psyche by Steven Van Neste

The painting will be up in various art outlets for sale. For more information on the 100 Art Kit Project here is a link to a previous article. If interested in purchasing the painting contact us at admin@thinking-agenda.com

Thank you Steven Van Neste
Thank you to the talented Val Jean Fronczek for taking the cover picture.

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